Weapons Charges

Gun / Firearm / Weapons Charges

  In Florida, a person can legally possess a firearm, but there are many restrictions.  Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Florida can result in a criminal charge, including a third degree felony.  However, there are several exceptions to this law, and Bob Sombathy has 28 years experience navigating this often complex area of criminal law.  

Carrying a Concealed Firearm
Possession by a Convicted Felon
Possession by a Convicted Felon
Improper Exhibition of a Firearm
Guns / Firearms are often used to enhance the penalties of other crimes. Several defenses are applicable to Gun / Firearm charges. Self- defense , Stand Your Ground, the law of "possession", the gun case safe harbor, and a valid permit are just a few examples.

Bob Sombathy has over 28 years experience in Criminal Law.

As a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Bob Sombathy has represented thousands of clients charged with felonies.  As a former Chief Homicide Prosecutor, Bob Sombathy was trusted with the most important and high profile cases in all of Criminal Court.  Pre-trial motions and skilled negotiation are often useful strategies in obtaining a positive result for a client, but a lawyer must also have a proven track record in the courtroom so the client gets the best possible representation.  Bob Sombathy has tried over 150 felony jury trials and is among the 1% of Florida lawyers who have earned Board Certification as a Criminal Trial Law Specialist as designated by The Florida Bar.   

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