If you need a lawyer thats gonna go above and beyond to prove your innocence, then I strongly encourage you to choose Mr. BOB Sombathy law firm. He and his staff are genuine and truly cares. How do I find the words to explain Mr. Bob Sombathy? Words really cant explain. Not only is he he a great experienced lawyer, but when you choose him you gain another family. Bob saved my life when he took my case. There were days when I called him about the case. He always was able to calm me down and assure me that he was working night and day for my family and I. He never let me worry. For Bob I am forever grateful. The charge that was against me was dropped. He was able to prove that I had a horrific accident. I thank God and Bob, because of them Im able to be with my family and start my life again. You will always be in my heart and family Bob. Thanks forever. Also thank you to his amazing wife who was also there for me. Also everyone in his firm, you ladies are amazing and so caring. Bless you all.
— Blanche
I recently had the unfortunate need for legal representation in a criminal matter. Bob Sombathy called me on a Saturday afternoon and made arrangements to see me immediately. In our first meeting he told me “You make sure you are good at work; put this out of your mine I’ll handle this.” In a situation that I felt I was in way over my head Bob’s assured confidence provided me with peace of mind. My case was Dismissed With Prejudice. Bob comes highly recommended by people working daily in the legal community here in Panama City. He knew the prosecutor by name as well as the Judge assigned to my case. I made zero in-person appearances and my case was completed before it began in the Courts. I sincerely hope to never need his services again, but if anyone in my family ever needs representation there is only one man we will call, Mr. Bob Sombathy. Thank you Sir!
— Scott
Bob Sombathy is by far the best attorney in town. His extensive knowledge of the law and ability to examine every case on an individual basis and help clients make the best choices are unparalleled. I found myself in a pretty dreadful situation, and if it weren’t for Bob, I know the outcome would have been much different. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone that finds themselves in a legal predicament. He is very professional, courteous and will do his best to help you find the best outcome!
— Leah
I like to thank the Sombathy Law firm for everything. Mr. Sombathy was well understanding and well organized. I was facing life in prison and he proved my innocence. So a big recommendation that u should choose him.
— Lillian
Mr. Sombathy is a beast at what he does for his clients. He’s completely confident in what he does. If you’re in need of a straight forward “HONEST” attorney. Mr. Sombathy is your guy…!
— Tamika
Bob was the best decision I made! He knew my case inside and out and understood the challenge and created a strategy to overcome. We came out victorious and I couldn’t have done it with my former attorney. Highly recommend Bob
— Kindra
Mr. Bob Sombathy is an incredible lawyer and he cares very much about the well-being of his clients. We received a summons for my son and it was for an appearance in just 3 days. Mr. Sombathy fit us in right away. We explained our case briefly and gave him all our evidence. He spent that night going through all of our information and had us come back the very next day. He spent two hours going over everything that happened to my son that led up to the hearing. He asked for many details and wrote it all down. He is very thorough and compassionate. He put us at ease the moment we met him. The next day was the hearing and he had us come in early so he could talk with us about how things would go during the hearing. It was a zoom hearing so I waited downstairs while he and my son attended the hearing. He knew I was anxious so while waiting for the others to show up on zoom, he had my son contact me to see if I was ok. That meant a lot to me and I would recommend him to anyone.
— Deborah
Mr. Sombathy was great and I appreciate everything he has done for me👍 THANK YOU Boss Man
— Joshua

My son recommended Julie for some personal issues on which we needed legal advise such as a will and power of attorney. We also had some questions related to retirement planning and Medicare/Medicaid issues. Julie was so kind, helpful, thorough and responsive to all of our needs. She provided the services we needed at a fair price and in a timely manner. She gave us some advice on our Medicare/Medicaid questions but recommended us to someone else who specialized in that area since she thought we should talk to someone who dealt with those issues on a daily basis. The advice that person gave us was almost verbatim what Julie said, but we were very impressed that she wanted to make sure we got the best advice possible. We HIGHLY recommend Julie as an attorney and would hire her again without question if the need arose.

— Joe & Connie

Bob took my request for a consult getting me in immediately. I’d originally had another Attorney hired for me who spent several months without as much as meeting me face to face much less working on my case. When I met with Bob he had already caught up on my case notes and had a list of things to suggest to my current attorney on how to get the case dismissed as no crime had been committed. I decided immediately to terminate the first attorney, and Retained Bob the next day.

Bob got my case dismissed in three days after I had just spent months waiting for a call back from my first attorney. He was professional, personable, and took ownership of both the case and my results. Will always be thankful for his work, and forever recommend him to anyone in need of Criminal counsel.

— Alan
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